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    Puhleeze either STOP this nightmare or shove me out of bed!

    I really really really want to like the Treo 680. Heck actually I do like the Treo 680 - it is Cingular I think that keeps: it to me!

    IF any of you have read my posts you'll note I have had numerous Treo devices albeit only two mmodels - 4 650's and two (soon to be three) Treo 680's!

    And all of these since May of '06!

    HArdware, Keyboard, Software, reception, network, volume issues plagued the 650's

    Cingular's warranty dept put me in a Treo 680 to hopefully stop those problems. But barely three days after getting the 680 it went back due to constant self reset loops and poor battery life - which as we all know now the battery life has turned into a wait and see what happens as it takes on a life of its own thing. But the self resets - were non stop and no amount of hard resets seemed to bring them to a halt. So Cingular overnighted me another one.

    Now I've had this little jewel since the 19th of Dec. Yeah a few resets, but after going to only loading my must have device programs one at a time, I have been able to eliminate those that agitate the little bugger and those that make me like it. But always there has been this nagging connect/ disconnect cycle. signal gain and lost ( SOS only call availability).

    Yesterday's two hour stay at the Cingular corp. store had me convinced that the network selection was a Palm issue. A peruse of Palm forums indicated it was NOT a Palm issue, but rather a Cingular SIM card coding issue. So guess who called Cingular? yup ME! And Guess what I was informed of? While their records showed that indeed my 3G SIM card and IMEI # had been paired and the phone updates had been sent to the phone, there was no verification from the phone that the updates had in fact been received! SO the kind lady at tech help proceeds to REsend these updates!

    We go through all the rigamarole of resets, SIM activate, blah blah blah and she sends a test call to the phone. Phone rings on her end - not mine ( with three signal bars showing). Then my phone shows "incoming call"/ "new voicemail"/ and shuts itself off in one fell swoop!

    Reset phone. Tech says. "Hmmmm, that's odd." We'll do it again.

    DO repeat of first attempt. Tech line goes dead ( yes I am on a land line.) I swear I am just jinxed. SO I have to call Cingular back and start at the beginning again! oh what FUN!

    SECOND tech gets to where we left off with first and sends out a test call. Now phone rings. (I am instructed NOT to answer it) then voice mail notifies me. Phone goes back to Main screen.

    Tech says that should fix the network issue now since she can see that my phone is indeed recieving the updates.

    Since the phone system was reset that wiped out my voice mail prompts I'll have to reset them. O.k. can do O.k. Thank you Bye bye.

    Reset voice mail prompts.

    oh hey? What's this? Voice mail icon? Oh yeah, the test call that went to voice mail. No problem - Just erase. uh oh. Voice mail icon stays on screen! Call tech help back. She sends a voice mail for me to delete that is supposed to clear the system.

    She leaves test mail. I go to delete. press 7 and voice mail repeats! *7* - repeats again! a teeny voice in back of head says try 3 to delete - I do, its gone! 3 was the prompt for the ATT voicemail system! now where did THAT come from? Since tech rep is still on phone with me she nicely sends another test voice mail. SAME thing - only ATT prompts are registering! She is baffled - I am coming UNGlued!

    She talks to HER tech help folks and they in turn refer us to of all places THE WARRANTY dept!

    SO I am being overnighted my THIRD Treo 680 in less than three weeks!

    If this one doesn't work that's it, I'm done! I have been more than patient, more than understanding, more than dedicated to getting a device I spent hard earned money to work. Time and effort and aggravation far and above what any other SANE customer would have or should have had to invest!

    This is ridiculous beyond imagination!

    If you haven't gone cross eyed yet, let me pose this to you:

    As an ATT client I had a Nokia 3560 And after Cingular took over I went to a Nokia 6010 then experienced enough network aggravation to buy a Sony Ericsson Z500A (identical to a friend's cingular that got excellent reception even at my house - although hers would pull my signal away and shut it off), but still experienced network connection issues so did some homework and decided the Treo 650 would be a huge move upwards.

    What I am wondering, people of this forum, is since I am a migrated ATT client - what would the chances be that the digital signature assigned to my cell number would still be seeking ATT networks?

    I was told that only ATT equipment seeks ATT networks - but that only sounds like so many gums flapping in the breeze - else how could carriers roam each other's networks?

    I have thought that this "migration" signature has been my issue all along and today's demonstration of my cingular Treo 680 suddenly being connected to a supposedly NON functioning ATT cellular voicemail only seems to prove my thoughts?

    What are your thoughts? ANy at all?
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    I hear ya. I went through 2 650s and the last one I had the only thing I ever installed was Causerie messenger and the Treo would reboot on me in the middle of phone calls.

    I went back to using a regular cell phone(motorola V635) for about a year and I picked up a 680 5 days ago. So far its ok but occassionally I get the mysterious reboot with "apps" causing a fatal exception. Tonight I got a "messenger" fatal exception. I haven't even installed one thing on it yet, its fresh out of the box. The only thing I did was import my contacts off the sim card. Good luck.
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    May I suggest a nice upgrade from the Treo 680?....the Treo 650!
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    Treonovice, Did you not see the part of my post where I have already tried FOUR of those devices? Yes, FOUR, count 'em FOUR Treo 650's.

    So much for consumer reviews and product quality!

    While my Trusty T3 still works well and so does my old Nokia 6010 (although it too has network issues and nowhere near the room for contacts' multiple numbers that the Treo does) I may be back to juggling two devices - three if you include the digital camera. Now where did I put my bat belt?

    At this point I doubt that going BACK to a Treo 650 would be an option because #1 I am dealing with Cingular's warranty dept and they send out supposedly refurbished units. WHich going by their immediate track record means that the devices did NOT in fact go back to Palm for factory refurbishment - they instead came in the receiving end of the ware house and were immediately transferred to the shipping end of the warehouse!

    Usually any other device I have received that has been factory refurbished is so noted by a brand or sticker or some sort of identifier. I know this from expereience - I have bought several "factory refurbished" items from various manufacturers and on various ends of the consumer product industry. I can deal with Factory refurbished because usually that ensures that at least the mfr has taken a second look for quality control.

    Yet not ONE of these supposedly factory refurbished Treo 650's has EVER come to me with such an identifier!
    The Treo 680's so far have come as complete kits NIB (new in box). While I am fully aware that QC does NOT get done on every device coming off an assembly line - I get the strong impression that the entire QC dept has been on an extended vacation!

    Hey PALM - are you hiring? oh gee - yeah - I guess you are! Check out your website! Funny - you don't list any QC positions! Could it be because they are filled with dead bodies?
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    Um.. 80% of that rant was about customer service or general Cingular quirks (such as the voicemail icon staying around for a while after listening to the message..).

    At least 6 people will receive perfectly fine refurbs from you for a cheaper price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgewizard View Post
    Treonovice, Did you not see the part of my post where I have already tried FOUR of those devices? Yes, FOUR, count 'em FOUR Treo 650's.
    Yeah, sorry...probably not the best idea given the problems you've had. I understand your frustration. I had 5 Treo 600's from my service provider before we finally found the problem was with all of them and convinced Palm (Palm moved me to a 650, which fixed the problem, and the new issues were manageable).

    I agree with the last poster...your problems are service-specific (both service provider and customer service). Cingular is a poorly integrated amalgamation of AT&T, SBC (US West & Pacbell), Ameritech, BellSouth Mobility, and others. Actually, the integration with many of those is good, but AT&T was one of the world's great disasters (yet was skillfully sold to Cingular for over $40 billion). I suspect AT&T's size and the seriousness of their fundamental network issues (e.g., miswiring towers, sending inbound & outbound SMS on different, rigged systems) means that Cingular will never finish fixing the problems from that side of the business. Not sure how much of that affects your problems, but I can tell you it will be challenging to work with them as they don't even know everything going on in their own company.

    Sorry, no suggestions to solve your problems, other than the ever-trusty "Avoid" tactic!
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    Khaytsus said:
    Um.. 80% of that rant was about customer service or general Cingular quirks (such as the voicemail icon staying around for a while after listening to the message..).

    At least 6 people will receive perfectly fine refurbs from you for a cheaper price.
    Rant? Well, I suppose so. Warranted? Certainly!

    Will there now be 6 happy people getting reduced price treo devices?

    Possibly, except for the ones who may get a Treo 650:

    that has a system build error from 2003,

    or one with a navigation ket that doesn't navigate,

    or the one who gets one with a keyboard with keys that either stick or don't register,

    or one who gets a 650 that the volume doesn't work and when on a call with an incoming call the current call either drops completely or goes so low in mic pick up and volume the current caller can't hear you;

    but hey if they want a PDA that looks like a phone and only occassionally acts like a phone well then they can be happy with the reduced price device!

    Then there is the 680 with again keyboard presses that delay registering and the thing keeps self resetting.

    So those afore mentioned devices seem to have issues within themselves; combine those problems with network connect issues and you have one very dissatisfied customer! But one customer who has been willing to give it one more shot! (Several times! - Must be a repeater rifle?)

    This second Treo 680 currently being prepared to be returned may have issues only related to the carrier. (except for the battery drain, possible link to camera usage), and now that I spent hours loading and reloading personal software - the self resets have diminished - except for the reset/fatal exception when opening "memos", when closing "bejeweled", when device turned on, when running email because it couldn't find MIData base.

    Looking at that Memos, device turn on and email are internal applications written to memory so shouldn't cause a self reset should they?

    Now the Network connect / disconnect constantly may or may NOT be a device issue. I do know that a friend who visited using her Nokia E62 had no such issues with the phone side of her device. Same place as mine she had CONSTANT almost full bar coverage, but as figured could not get an "edge" reception for data transfer.

    I am not thrilled with the form factor of the E62 it is bigger even than the 650was so looks more like an old PDA than a new PDA/phone. The screen resolution isn't very good. I can't locate customizable programs for it to see can I set it up to suit me. It has no touch screen and I'd have to but a whole new set of memory cards to fit it but HEY phone reception worked!

    So unless this third Treo 680 lives up to the hype that Palm has put out and the magazine reviewers write about and my carrier ( Cingular) can get this mysterious connection to OLD ATT service ( voicemail) resolved - I'll scrap the Treo route and go back to just a phone and continue to use my Palm T3.

    I agree, or at least have a suspicion that the carrier branding has a lot to do with the limiting of the device - but there have been many other issues too. MAybe the device is trying to do more things than it is capable of? But obviously there are a lot of very happy Treo users out there.

    Treo novice:
    Sounds like you are not a novice in the world of cellular communications! I agree wholeheartedly that the Cingular corp doesn't ecen know what's going on within its own company. I have been to several different area stores - corporate and franchise and talked with untol number of tech and Warranty reps and will get different answers from each. This is NOT that unusual to me as in my business (farrier service) you can get a different approach to the same situation, but my business deals with innumerable and uncontrollable influences.

    A mechanical device or electrical device in this case has premappedcircuitry and written programs that ought to subscribe to specific commands resulting in specific input and output.

    If the carrier is the source of the device PDA side not being able to talk with the device phone side - then will I have this issue using an "unlocked" device? And then what happens when I got to try and use Cingular's network? Same issues?
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    You've mentioned exchanging Treos, but what about getting a new sim? Have you tried that? Sounds to me like most of the problem could be cause of the sim, especially since you still have older AT&T commands available. I have not had one reset during the nearly 4 weeks of heavy use of my new Treo 680, and have never dropped a call signal. I also have used the camera without any unusual battery draining issues, so not sure what you meant by that? I hope you do get it working properly. I know it must be a huge disappointment after spending all that money and time with nothing to show but frustration. Good luck!
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    Yes Maris, Ihave swapped SIMS multiple times - three or 4 32K then a few 64K and now am on the third 3G SIM. I really think it is an issue stemming from the carrier and that I m a migrated ATT client. But regadless I took this third 680 to the corp Cinglar store this evening with my Laptop in tow and set everything up there in the atore.

    Odd thing was that the Store rep "fixed" the voicemail cross over. The proceeded to tell me that the ATT search WAS an issue of the PAST - to which I just said - well apparently that device has GONE BACK to the FUTURE because it is doing it NOW!

    While there As I removed my ear bud plug the device reset itself ( which may have been caused by Voice dial).

    But while he was fiddling with it to get the voice mail reset it reset on him twice apparently when it wasn't supposed to by his remarks.

    So there stands a really good chance that device was just unstable.

    After he intitialized the new SIM and registered the new phone IMEI I stayed right there and loaded the Palm CD and Palm Programs. Clean install. Uninstalled the previous Palm desktop version and loaded from New CD- no hotsync of ANY old info. Gave the new device a new name and Thenwent to Barnes & Nobles to Bluetooth all the contacts, categories, calendar dates and a few of the stable programs to the new Device. SO far so good - no unscheduled or unexpected resets - only reset when the programs told it to!

    SO we'll see. This is the last chance I do believe. Unless I get feedback that an UNlocked device is vastly superior to a branded device if this one goes haywire - I'm done and will go back to a normal phone and PDA again.
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