I setup a non-work email account via VersaMail and ActiveSync to view email. During the intial Sync, it by default sync'ed the Contacts. Fine, I have two backups.

But, I'd like to synchronize the 700p's Contacts with my desktop's Outlook 2003 Contacts (this is my work email acct) via HotSync instead.

Currently, HotSync to desktop PC does not Sync the Contacts with Outlook. If I go into the 700p's Contacts and select Sync, it syncs with the above mentioned VersaMail acct and ActiveSync.

Any thoughts on how to reverse this? I have tried to reset HotSync Manager's Custom settings, but each time I sync (pressing button on cable or via touch screen), the Contacts conduit gets reset back to "Do Nothing"

I do also have Sprint Business Connection software ( installed and can get work email that way and use it's Contact Search to lookup contacts I enter into Outlook, but just can't sync them to my 700p.