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    Frequently my treo 650 doesn't ring, i.e. calls go straight to voicemail.

    It seems worse since I installed Chattermail and I use an IMAP mailbox.

    Marc @ Chatter suggested it is the fact that I'm using the data connection causing the phone to not ring?

    Is there any way to minimize the number of times this is happening with an IMAP account? fewer emails in "mailboxes" inboxes???
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    I just purchased a brand new 650. This is a replacement for a 650 dog I have had for over a year and a half.
    I was hoping that my new 650 would not have this problem, but it apparently it does.
    I set my Sound and Alerts preferences for the Sound Mode Alert Volume to 4. When a call comes in it will ring but for the subsequent calls the setting turns itself off.
    Any ideas?

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