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    Have the Springport 56k modem and looking for a browser. Tried Avantgo's browser but wasn't to thrilled. Would like the ability to bookmark.
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    I like browse-it. Nice features, stable, quick, bookmarks, etc. And free! Free is good...

    Their site is:
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    I second the Browse-It vote. Great color support also.

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    I prefer PalmScape. It's not free (and not cheap), but it supports frames and cookies very well. It also supports colour, but I can't comment on how well as I only have a VDx
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    Does the color version of Browse It support copy & pasting? I'm am SO tired of not beign able to copy data out of the Black & White version...

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    It's like AvantGo in a way, it goes throu the server first, so I don't think they would have a second server for the color version or anything like that........

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