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    I was wondering if i MUST download a file browser....I transferred an mp3 over to the sd card over bluetooth from my home computer, now i can't find the file. Sure i can find the file in PTUNES, but i just want to find the file...

    my next question would be if i could see the file over bluetooth?
    Could i click on it and offer to send the file as bluetooth to my friends phone (may or may not be a palm)...if not how exactly would i send a file thru bluetooth to another device?

    Thanks love the forum...will probably buy some egrips like another few members suggested and a boxwave protector, car charger, 2nd home charger...uh oh an chatteremail...this phone just got very expensive! I love sound quality i have had in a long time!
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    in the set up cd that came with my 680 there was a copy of palm files wich you can use to explore the contents of your memory card from your device. and for your second question, once you find the file you want to send, highlite it and press menu and choose send. It will ask if you want to send as mms, email or via bluetooth.

    hope it helps
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    hmm, so I will install palm files!
    Will palm files stay on my computer or will i run it from the treo? Is it better to get a 3rd party file browser?

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