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    OK I've posted here a few times saying that the only network visible on my phone is GPRS. Found in System>Pref>Network.

    A trip to the local Cingular corp storehad the tech guy going to cingular tutorial site:

    scrolling through "select tutorial" to Select network/band took us here:

    If the above links work you'll see screen shots of Cingular's main phone screen > Option menu> and "Select network" highlighted then on to choosing what the user wnats to do.

    I do NOT have that option available on my device! The CS rep at the store thought that was odd since their own site shows that it should be an available option for the 680 so he opened a fresh boxed Treo 680 and guess what? NO "Select network" option on that device either!

    So after learning of this interesting fact I got on the store's landline to Cingular Tech and they then told me that Cingular buys these devices in LOT orders from the MFR. The MFR is supposed to have set up the devices according to the carrier's specs so NOW I have to contact Palm to see if they have a firmware update or redraw to make available something in the device that was supposed to be there in the first place!

    The store rep told me he COULD switch me into a completely different device if I wanted to go that route!

    Geez! Nothing like being caught between a rock and a hard place! The tech helper informed me that Palm may offer a firmware update wirelessly or require that I send In my device for the upgrrade and that usually takes 14 day turn around?

    I tried calling Palm tech help but all I got was a busy signal - gee wonder why?

    My old Nokia phone and the T3 are looking better and better every day!

    I have discovered that my device's build date was 09/29/06 18:07

    It is running:

    Treo 680 - 1.03-CNG
    Carrier DB-292
    Hardware A
    Firmware R01.31

    OK, found this info on the "other site",43681.0.html

    but it lead to some VERY eye opening info! so this may not be a firmware issue afterall ( As Cingular tried to pass it off) - it instead is one more display of how Cingular clamps controls on the customer that shucks out big bucks to keep their corporation floating! The more I think about it the madder I get!
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    Welcome to 2001. Cingular has had this 'flag' in their SIM for years. Phones must honor it, it's that simple.

    There's ways around it, edited overlays for the 650 did it there, I suspect someone will figure it out on the 680. However, there's really not much point in it. You can't change to another carrier via this, you can perhaps just manually select the tower you're using. Only advantage there would be the rare occation that the Cingular tower is close enough to you for the phone to stay on it, but there is a stronger tower nearby.

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