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    Ok so I can have Fonts4OS5 and Fonts Smoother active at the same time.
    Is it safe to assume that Fonts4OS5 will oversee the migration of the fonts, meaning it will only move the font that I am using at that time while moving all other unused fonts to the SD card or its folder.
    While Fonts Smoother will make the fonts more visually appealing?

    I would like that the 2 would have major conflicts with each other.
    Well is this the way it will work?

    You'd think by now you'd just RTFM.

    If you use them together, Fonts4OS5 "manages" the fonts, and FontSmoother "smooths" them.
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    I did read the posts, but
    1. I wanted to make sure I understood.
    2. I read in the readme of Fonts Smooth that one needed to be deactivated.

    Sorry if I wanted to make sure that I understood this before locking up my TREO on the road.

    Personally I wish there was one app that did both.

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    Can someone tell me why FontSmoother v 2.06 doesn't work when I put it in the treo 650 rom? Thanks.
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