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    I'm new to GPS. I'm looking to buy the most flexible solution. I want to be able to use the bluetooth GPS receiver and software with my wife's Imate Jasjar running Windows Mobile 5 as well as my 700p. Any suggestions?
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    Garmin's GPS 10 or (supposedly Any Day Now) Mobile 10 has software to run on Palm OS, WM5, or Windows laptop devices, and you can use all of them if you want. (I don't think the competitors, e.g. TomTom, will let you do that.) I have used both the Palm and Windows software and they run fine; I haven't tried a WM5 device. BUT - you must use Garmin's BT GPS receivers since the receiver itself is the hardware key for the mapping software (actually the mapping software can be freely downloaded and run, but the map databases that make the software useful are locked to your GPS receiver.) (But you can use the same map DVD with up to 2 GPS receivers at no extra cost.)

    If you have a lot of patience read my review on this site.
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    Thanks for the info bobodobo. Very nice review that you put together on eopinions. I read yours as well as the others and I think I'll take the plunge on the Mobile 10 GPS once it is released. I'm a little wary of the Mobile XT software though, after reading the other thread you've been involved with. I have a 700p so maybe I wouldn't have as many issues, but I'm not too sure. One thing I'm unclear of though, is Mobile XT still in beta?

    Thanks for your advice, Mike
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    I use TomTom 6 on my Treo 700 Wx and on my wife's 700P. TomTom's licensing is a little rigid, but two concurrent installations are allowed from the original code given.
    Both work with two different BT GPS units we share. Our BT GPS units are the Semsons iTrek M3, and the OnCourse BT-359. Both are SirfIII chipset units and are simple and effective.
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    Thanks for that info. Sounds like I have more research before choosing.

    With TomTom, will it allow you to save trips? I would like to be able to use it when jogging to determine distance run (and avg. speed would be nice too).

    thanks, mike
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    You can use cotoGPS or CetusGPS with most any Palm connected GPS device (both freeware).

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