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    That card should work without any hacks or mods although I do recommend reformating it with 32k clusters. Search around here as there is plenty of good info on memory cards. I have never heard of this brand and I am kinda wary....I stick with; you get what you pay for. I personally have used a Transcend 4gb card since the day i got my treo with zero problems. Check out newegg they have good prices. its a little bit more, but well worth it in my opinion.
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    It will probably work, but since there is no SD standard you can never be sure. It will also probably be a slower card and take a looong time to transfer data. Some cards are 1X all the way up to 200X which is supposed to be 150KB/second to 30 MB/second. There is no telling which transfer speed you'll be getting.
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    I basically just need it to hold the mp3s
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    I prob wouldnt buy this one either. I dont know of any card manufacturer that don't post their speed on it. Kinda fishy there. I'd stick with known brand that people have been using here. I have used ADATA and Transcend and both work well on my 700p.
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    The way I approach these issues is thusly: I've committed to spending a lot of money on this device (obviously, since I bought it) so I'm not going to let $20 change the experience from fun to frustrating.
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    Here is the SD card I purchased. It's 4GB Transcend 150x. I've had no issues with it and purchased it 4 months ago for $80. Here's a link that is a little cheaper than the link above...
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    As a carryover from trouble with SD cards in prior Palms (probably now qualifies as superstition), I now use only Panasonic. Not cheap, but very reliable and fast. I have a 2 GB; not sure if larger ones are out.

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