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    I've got a Cingular 650 that has begun started acting really wierd.

    It first began a constant reset loop. I did a soft reset with no results. Then I did a warm reset which stopped the loop but the radio won't turn on now.

    I was able to sync everything but still no radio. I then did a hard reset, which started the reset loop again. The warm reset stopped the loop but again, the radio wouldn't turn on.

    Any suggestions?
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    If a hard reset didn't do anything (make sure you did a reset where it asks you to erase all the data -- if it didn't ask, you didn't do a hard reset), you have to do a zero out reset.
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    Is the zero reset the same as the factory reset?
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    I don't know if it is or not. I think it's more extreme (and thus it requires a rather super human contortionist exercise). I'd say try a factory reset first and then if that doesn't work, a zero out. To get to the link, google: palm zero out reset -- and go to the first item (it doesn't seem to be a permalink).
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    factory reset seemed to do the trick. If it acts up again, I'll remember the zero reset.

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