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    Anytime I put my sync cable in my Sprint Treo 700p, the phone resets. If I leave the cable plugged in the Treo, it just keeps restarting once it fully starts up. I tried it on two different comptuters, but the same results. Any ideas? Anyone know how to sync without a cable?

    - Ryan
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    Do you have CardExport installed?
    I remember this same scenario happening to my 700p the few weeks I had CardExport. After removing the app and soft resetting, it never happened again.

    If you don't have CardExport, then it must be some other conflict.
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    I had that issue at one point myself. I think it was Card Export related.

    You can sync the 700p (and 650) via Bluetooth.
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    i do have card export....let me see if that is the problem
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    Well, I deleted card export, but still have the problem. I think I just may have a jacked up unit. Time to use that Sprint insurance.

    How do you go about sync bia bluetooth?
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    Try to get a different cable and see if that fixes the problem. I have one flaky one
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    I tried two different cables, one was from my old treo650 and the new one is from my 700p
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    Ok, since you have removed CardExport, try to sync one last time because I think a hard reset would fix it, before going the insurance route.
    Obviously you can't sync via USB for now, so try to sync via bluetooth.

    ....Or..this is the hard way that will work. Go into your Palm Backup folder on your desktop (Program Files/Palm/User....), and delete any files related to CardExport (.pdb and .prc files).

    [Now whatever information you last successfully synced is what you will start afresh with if you do a hard reset, and as such you do not want CardExport being re-synced after you do a hard reset, all of which is stored in a Palm Backup folder on your PC, hence the manual deletion of such files.]

    If you're ok so far, do a hard reset, plug in the sync cable and perform a hotsync. (At this point, you'll find out for sure if the problem still persists).

    You will be prompted that a user profile already exists, choose the existing user and all data from your last sync (excluding CardExport and related files) will be back on your Treo.

    Keep us informed.
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    Make sure there's no dirt or anything where the cable plugs into your treo. Sounds like a couple of pins are shorted out.
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    That's a feature. The 700p feels dirty and it likes to freshen up with a reset before it gets all intimate with another cable. Palm suggests you just learn to live with it. Ya know, it's still a little bit better than all the junk phones out there.
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    The solution is to place card export back on the 700p, then go to the menu within card export and select the "Uninstall" option. After this completes then you may once again remove card export from the 700p using the launcher. This clears out all items that are conflicting with the hotsync cable and 700p and will work like a charm.
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    Also note, the most recent version of card export no longer causes this problem.
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