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    Well, I dont have any apps loaded on my treo 650 rather then Verichat, Graffiti, and Dir. Assist.

    My mailbox isnt full at all, and all my emails are simple 8k or so emails with just text.

    I only have about 2.5mb of space left on my treo though.. what could be eating up all my memory?

    Am I able to run Verichat, Graffitti, Dir. Assist off of my memory card?
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    Have you been taking a lot of pictures and videos? Without those beign stored to your memory card, that would be the e issue.
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    no pictures or videos what so ever.
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    Trash. My wife had 13k emails in her trash somehow. It took *forever* to purge.
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    Versamail sucks. It really is the worst mail program I've ever used. Give Chatter or SnapperMail a try. Whether or not VersaMail has anything to do with your memory problem.

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    meyer, can I save emails to my card with either chatter or snappermail?
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    I've been down the same road you are on. I tried just about everything. Save yourself some time (and money) and just jump straight to Chattermail. It does EVERYTHING including saving straight to the card (encrypted if you want). A truly amazing app from an outstanding developer.
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    ksmith, I tried to install chatter but it left me without enough space to launch blazer. with some VERY small apps installed I only have about 2 megs of space left.

    I'm thinking about doing a hard/zero reset (what's the difference?) and just starting over.

    What do you think? I have less then a meg. of apps installed (not including chatter) and I only have about 2 megs left.. and blazer wont launch if I dont have at least 1.5 megs of free space.
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    Interesting. Sounds more or less like either you have the emails in your Trash and not yet deleted (do a menu > empty trash and see if it asks you to empty it) or that you may have saved emails that might have attachments to them.

    Space doesn't just disappear, at least on PalmOS devices. You have to have something that is sapping the space.

    If you go to the launcher (HOME) view and press the menu and then Info, go to the tab (button) that says size. What are the largest numbers that appear and what are the applications that are named with those? That will get us to the bottom of your space issue pretty quickly.

    EDIT, after writing this I wonder how many documents (word, excel, PDFs, etc) you might have.
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