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    I've followed the windows set up wizard, I've set up through the hot sync wizard, I even tried to set up an account on the Treo. The connection trial goes through successfully, and a hotsync goes through all sortsof versa mail gyrations - account verifications etc. but NOTHING shows up in my inbox on the TREO! And the test mail I set up didn't get sent either.

    Now this last hot sync I attempted and then went to check on the Treo caused a reset of the device with an error message: MIData error: Database could not be opened.

    Palm's help site isn't much help. ANd the versa mail application just has me go through all the steps I already did that got nowhere!

    I used to use Inbox to Go on the T3 and if I cold figure out how to load THAT program on this Treo - I'd do that.

    Any help from the forum folks?
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    O.K> Not being one to gve up, I went back and checkd all my setups in versa mail again and ran another hotsync. Didn't change anything. ANd voila! Email on my TREO!


    ALso I noticed the "edge" signal turned itself on! Even though I have "ask before connecting to internet" checked!

    SO I "disconnected" and read my mail!

    Now my question is did I get these emails via "wireless" Edge signals? And HOW so - since I do NOT have DATA pkg on my account and only GPRS is listed as available network?

    Next question of course is WHY didn't the TREO ask before connecting to the internet IF it indeed did so to obtain these emails?
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    I had a thread with basically the same thing this past weekend. I was hoping to get (Versa)mail on the Treo to sync with my local Outlook in & outboxes.
    I tried Versamail, Chattermail, Iambicmail, & Inbox-to go. When it was all said and done, I went back to Snappermail & simply bcc myself on every message I send. This will continue until IMAP is available through typical POP access providers such as Yahoo plus etc.

    a couple of items you may find usefull:
    inbox-to go is part of Docs to go premium version 8 (NOT 9). If you have that, reinstall it for the treo and when it's just about completed, you'll get an option to install inbox-to go.
    Email protocols:

    I'd be curious if you find something that works.
    Good luck!
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    As far as I can tell, versamail no longer hotsyncs with your outlook mail inbox if you don't have exchange or imap. Versamail on the earlier palm devices did this. I thought it was a useful feature that people liked, so I'm surprised palm removed it.

    I use inbox to go now and that works well. I've also read that agendus mail does that, but I have no idea of how well it works.

    If you find a way to do this with versamail, I'd love to hear about it.

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    GeorgeP how did you get Inbox to go loaded onyour device? I have it loaded on my T3, but I beleive it is teid to that Hotsync I.D.

    I found out today that Versa Mail STILL uses data transfrer even if the email transfer is done via hotsync and not just as a wirelss connection via edge!

    I got charged per KB of data transferred last night when versa mail FINALLY synced! But since I don't want to GET charged I'd like to get inbox to go set up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgewizard View Post
    GeorgeP how did you get Inbox to go loaded onyour device?
    It is part of documents to go premium v8. When I installed DTG onto my 680, I just checked the option to install inbox to go. It was pretty straightforward.


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