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    Older Palm users like me may know that Iambic has done (does) some questionable things in the past (present):

    - switching from a forum not moderated by them to a moderated forum on their website (a legitimate action) and then starting filtering criticism to their products (bug-related)

    - release products with serious bugs and leave a few unsolved, until the next big release, which costs money... and reveals new bugs

    - using sleasy tactics against CESD (the developer of Datebk6) by registering some URLs that Datebk users would type and redirecting them to the Iambic website (abandoned by Iambic after general outcry)

    Apparently, they just can't help it. Iambic just announced Propel:

    Isn't this an Initiate rip-off or what?!? Damn, even the LAYOUT looks the same! Just look at the deafult Initiate screen below...

    I asked myself if Rob from HobbyistSoftware had licensed Initiate Light to them a few times...

    Even so (which would seem at least odd to me), Iambic must really think their users are stupid, since they release a rip-off and charge MORE! Initiate Light costs TEN bucks and seems to offer the SAME features! All extra Initiate features are missing, from what I can see. Maybe they'll come in Propel 2.0, which will cost you to upgrade?

    Iambic really does it "the Microsoft way", it seems...
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    OK, it SEEMS that Rob (HobbyistSoftware) did in fact LICENCE Initiate to Iambic, as you can see in this thread:,44328.0.html

    Still, at this time anyone paying $25 to get what still amounts to Initiate LIGHT (at $10) is at least uninformed, to say the least.

    Rob seems to believe that Iambic's "marketing expertise" will help him. Damn, I sure hope he doesn't come to regret his decision! What a scary partnership it is IMHO. Just like associating yourself with Microsoft. Today they're your partner, tomorrow they'll release a copycat based on the expertise they accumulated and leave your company for dead in the woods...

    Just my two cents.

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