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    I think people forget that Palm failed to deliver Palm OS 6.0 or whatever it was going to be called. They abandoned that line and had to restart with the Linux based version. This failure/stumble scared off all the developers both hardware and software. Meanwhile Windows Mobile has continued to move forward.

    Palm OS has been dealt a severe blow, but it survives on it's huge software base and dedicated user community. Only time will tell if Palm OS has a long term future. If Access can write a successfull/compatible Linux based OS that will be accepted by the Palm OS community, then perhaps it will have a real future. Otherwise Palm OS will linger, but will eventually die off.

    If Palm wanted to remain a player, they had to hedge their bets by coming out with a Windows version. That way if the Palm OS fails completely, they have something to fall back on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joad View Post
    Bah. It's a battle of money - that's all it's been about since Hawkins came in with his balsa wood PalmPilot design.

    3Com had no innovation skills, Handspring went off in that silly proprietary Springboard direction, Palm split off the OS division to curry favor with the stock market (and busted up control over their destiny).

    Now that Palm has effectively evicerated itself, Microsoft (with their infinite cash) has swooped in like a vulture and offered them a "deal they can't refuse" by putting that lousy WinCE garbage onto the hardware designed for PalmOS.

    I've tried several iterations of Microsoft's mobile products since they first began shipping, and although they had their good points they were never an adequate replacement for the straightforward PalmOS usability. It's a mobile machine - I don't want to fiddle around with managing memory, spending minutes to enter a simple phone number, having paid OS "upgrades" arrive more often than Santa Claus (PocketPC 2003 "SE"???!? This is somehow something I have to PAY for on my PPC 2003 system - even Windows Server gives you a few years).... The graveyard of obsolete WinCE/PPC/WinMob devices is staggering. Palm just wants to get in on that funeral procession since *somebody* ought to finally make some money out of it....

    Based on results, the only thing they seem to have valued was the "Palm" name.
    Fact is WM5 now accounts for half of Palm's sales and they did that in exactly one-year. That is staggering and it's not due to MS's money but rather great word-of-mouth (mostly from TC community; have you ever seen a 700wx or WM5 commercial? I haven't.)

    I'd also venture to say that 700wx users are more satisfied and happy with their devices than the 700p community. We spend most of our time making our devices do even more instead of fixing problems (or petitioning Palm)

    You might think it's a horrible OS but the market has spoken. And with the advent of AKU updates via device manufactures (which are free ROM upgrades), updating the OS has become easier and cheaper for everyone. Next gen OS (WM "photon" and possible even "Crossbow" out in 2 months) will provide OTA updates directly.

    It's called progress and it's nice to see it in a mobile OS. BTW, I'd rather invest in HTC than Palm any day. They are a larger more efficient company that has been making money off of WM for a much longer time than Palm and will probably be around longer too.
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