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    didn't see it on VC yet so here goes

    There is a new version of Action Names available in as beta file download from the action names user group
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    I'd stay away from this version. Huge problem with 'Sorting contacts' each time the progem is launched.

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    To expand on dequardo's points, I'm experiencing two issues with this beta release:

    1. When you open AN4.56 a Sorting Contacts message appears before you are taken to the last screen you were working on. The wait experienced increases with the number of contacts in the Address database. It is further exacerbated by using the Group By options in the Contact screen. Which brings me to the second point..

    2. If you are using any of the Group By options and try to expand more than 2 or 3 groups at the same time you will experience erratic results. The arrow always seems to point down when the group is tapped, but sometimes no contacts appear, other times a completely different group expands.

    Does this mean I'm going to ditch 4.56 and return to my previous version. Well not in my case.
    Firstly as I rarely use the group option I can wait for AN to address point 2.

    Secondly with only 200 records in the address database and not grouping contacts by default I hadn't noticed the sorting contacts message until I read about it in the User Group.

    And finally, AN 4.56 has now addressed quite a number of points that make it worth having. I especially like the addition of the Global Find Support for all databases (Address/Datebook/ToDo) a the results are displayed under an AN header with an icon next to it. You can see the bug fix list on the user group

    What is great news is that Iambic appears to have stirred from its apparent slumber. AN 4.56 Beta is release fixing a number of issues raised by 4.55 (made available about a month ago) which in turn addressed many from 4.54. now all they need to do is acknowledge they're listening - maybe by releasing the betas on their own site and including a FAQ/feedback/issues page for all to see?
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    There's an updated Beta available...
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    And it does fix the 'sorting contacts' problem alluded to. Thanks Iambic!


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