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    I looked through the faq and did a search of numerous things...but I couldn't find the answer. How do I know whether I'm connected using EVDO or not? My dslreport tested speeds are usually around 200kbits/s. I see the Green E symbol and green arrows. I read about the green/blue arrow thing...but all those references were for Sprint. I've never seen blue arrows before and my typical travel areas are Irvine/Orange County, SF and SJ.

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    Verizon EVDO is symbolized by a little green box that says "EV" on it. Otherwise it says "1X". If you are getting 200Kbit, then you are on EVDO, because 1X cannot give you that kind of speed. EVDO speed is very dependent on signal strength, and coverage. Some locations are better than others.
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    The visual cues that tell you whether is EVDO/1xRTT are these:

    For EVDO coverage

    - A small green box with the letters EV appears left to the signal strength icons.
    - When connected to EVDO areas, two triangle-arrows pointing up and down appear next to the Signal strength icon, on the right side. Green means active, gray means idle connection.
    - Your phone LED (above the word PALM) keeps flashing green when connected to the EVDO data network

    For 1xRTT coverage

    - The green box next to the signal strength icon has 1X written.
    - When connected to these areas, the arrows on the right side of the signal strength now point left and right, and they follow the same coloring convention as EVDO (green active, gray idle).
    - Your LED will now become solid orange when connected to the data network.
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    This is the official description of all the icons used in a Verizon Wireless 700p:
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    Don't believe that 200 kbits number. You're probably getting data much faster than that. DSL Reports and the 700p, in combination, have a bug that results in artificially low numbers. Note that after the Treo downloads the file, there's a long pause before DSLReports completes. That lag is factored into the speed result, but it only shows up on speedtest. Never on a regular web site.
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    Ok, I thought the EV symbol is always there..since I've never seen it say 1x. I guess I've always been in an EVDO coverage area...

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