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    Good News: Ordered new car for Christmas (Lexus 460-nice!)
    Bad News: Failed to check Smartphone compatibility (Treo-650-bad!)

    Have looked at a few forum sites, but can't quite get the vibe of whether the Treo 650 actually does work (and, if so, how well) with the Lexus Bluetooth.

    Have Christmas pity on this techno- newbie. I'll take as much as you can offer.....comments, suggestions, instructions, hehe...I'm not too proud.

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    geez, dont we all wish we had the problem!

    according to CNET the only problem with the whole car was "navigating the music playlist could be a bit easier" but in the bluetooth area, it mentioned a Motorola broke the connection everytime. Never said what other phone(s) they had success with though.

    hey, if it doesnt pair with your treo, i suppose i could take the car off your hands.

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