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    I think I may have done something stupid, PLEASE HELP. I just got my reo 650 and it's great. I loaded the software and hot synced everthing and it was all good. I made a holder for thetreo and used hot glue to put the cable in place. I notice ikt will not hot sync now. I uninstalled the software a few times and still it will not hot sync. I push the button and it changes like it's going to hotsync but winds up saying the connection between your handheld computer and your desktop could not be established. Do you think the hot glue ruined my cable? I am considerng buying a 650 cradle instead.
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    You could try someone else's cable, if possible, or hotsync via bluetooth. If needed, you can buy another cable, but I would try another good cable first before I bought one, if possible.
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    I found out what happened. I had to cut the section that I put hot glue on and resplice it, now it works. I now know some things should be done with cold adhesives instead. This is one for the books. Do Not use hot glue on data cables.

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