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    I am averaging about 1-2 resets per day. The odd thing is that they frequently occur when I am trying to access Palm's own applications in ROM
    Typical scenario. I will open Web or SMS and I will get the white screen of prolonged agony or with SMS it may be accompanied by an absent SMS message and background clicking. After about 30 seconds, the reset starts. I have found Reset Doctor to be invaluable in this circumstance although if this were a stable device, the app wouldn't be necessary. Typical messages is "Line 266, DB open error". The same reset and error has occured with 3rd party apps such as Resco backup. PDAbs, ZLauncher, 4stocks, etc. Background apps that are running are Chatter, Butler, Treo Key Hack under YAHM, Field Plus. I tried using the DB flush option on Reset Doctor but this seems somewhat counterproductive to me in that I would frequently get a long pause several times daily with a notice that the DB was flushing and I wasn't reset free.
    So, is this just a fatal ROM flaw that I must wait out or does anybody have any idea if any 3rd party apps could be the culprits?
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    It is most likely a problem with 3rd party software, possibly the combination of 2 or more that would work fine alone but don't work well together.

    You're best bet is probably to do a hard reset, rename your backup directory to prevent all your apps from being restored, then start from scratch.

    Install one or 2 apps at a time, then use it for a day or 2. if it's stable install one or 2 more, and so on.

    You might want to make the first app you install an uninstall manager, so when you find the problem you can remove it..

    It's also possible that you have a corrupted database file. A clean install will fix that, do.
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    It sounds like you are running about all the problem causing programs. Until these programs are properly written to deal with the EVDO data you will keep getting resets. Start by deleting Chatter, butler, and your hacks. You will find that 99% of your resets will disappear immediately. I know this from experience. My treo has not reset itself since I deleted chatter.
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    Unfortunately, those are the programs on which I am most dependent. I use my Treo as a pager and the attention manager / nag feature in Butler is invaluable if I miss the page. Bottom line --- I had the same programs on my 600 and didn't have these issues.
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    Well, before you take his advice, there are MANY of us who are running Chatter and Butler without the slightest problems and with no resets.

    Things to look at - are you using the latest releases? Are your applications written for the current file system? As for EVDO data - that is not a significant factor.

    You might look at Resco Locker for those older programs that may give you problems. What is the pattern? You can also take a look at Reset Doctor, it automatically clears the db cache at the user set level.

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    About Butler, what release are you at?

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    I agree with the above. Had the same issues on my phone so I did a hard reset and installed one app at a time. You need to figure out which app is causing the problem and get rid of it or find a replacement.
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    I can ALWAYS get my 700p to reset if I launch TomTom 5 without turning on the bluetooth first.

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