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    I think the original poster has confused the data and phone settings. For the unlocked Palm GSM phones, there is a SIM card needed to actually use the phone (except for 911 calls in the US). Without just a Tmobile SIM card, there is no way to use the phone for anything, no matter if they purchase a pre paid card from XYZ phone company. I believe the poster thought the Network settings was where they could configure their phone to be used for voice services in another country. Unfortunately, it is only for data.

    Since all they did was transfer their SIM card to this phone, the only options that is available for them is through T-Mobile, no one else, UNLESS they purchase another SIM card. If they want to use this phone in Germany to make local calls, they need to find a company that will sell them 1) a new SIM card, and 2) a pre paid account. (That's the beauty of an unlocked phone).

    Now T-Mobile does offer prepaid accounts, and they do offer international plans. See this link:

    What this person needed to do was activate their phone for International travel before leaving (it's called World Class International Service and it's free to sign up), and find out how much it would cost. It isn't cheap, but there are quite a few options available depending on how much you would use your phone.

    Well said. He certainly should've had the SIM activated for international use or just bought a local prepaid sim card.

    It looks like he realized his problem due to the influx of valid responses. He should have at least responded to some.

    Thanks for the added info, it helped me too.
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    With my Treo 600 GSM (from Palm, not locked to any carrier), if I tapped the lock icon, it would change to unlocked. But yes, that's just locking/unlocking network and/or connection settings.
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