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    I install the Netscape Calendar Link [NCSetup] sync which apparently replaces the original Palm Desktop Calendar Event sync. Now I'm leaving this company and want to uninstall the Netscape crap and restore it to the original Palm Desktop Calendar sync, but can't figure out how.

    Versions I'm using are ...
    * Palm OS 3.1H2 German
    * Palm Desktop 3 German
    * NCSetup 2.0 US English

    Thanks in advance for *any* help ...
    ~~~ mee
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    There's two ways:

    1) There should be an install/uninstall entry in the Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs applet for NCSetup. If there is, uninstall from there.

    2) If #1 doesn't exist or fails, then dig out your original Handspring/Palm Desktop setup (preferably, the one on the CD, or version 3.01 or version 3.1 *Before* it was refreshed for the Visor Edge). Perform a Custom installation and reinstall the HotSync Manager. The installer should alert you that you have third party conduits installed and whether you wish to reset them to the original installation or keep the third party conduits.

    You'll want to reset the conduits.
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    Doesn't work! I did both steps 1 and 2, but when I sync, Hotsync just complains:
    -- Calendar Events
    - Cannot locate NC Setup. Make sure it is installed on the Palm organizer.

    When I did a "custom" install on the HotSync manager, it did ask me to "replace all conduits for the Palm Desktop" which I did, but it doesn't seem to restore the Calendar Events conduit.
    ~~~ mee

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