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    It's minor - but I'd just like to find the place were I can report this bug:

    In VersaMail 3.5 on my Treo 680 - in the configuration, as in most e-mail programs - you configure the "From:" field. Simple enough. I put my first and last name in, with a single space as most everyone does - example: John Smith

    All seems fine, but when the recipient gets it - they see JohnSmith

    I figured I made a mistake or it's a problem by my mail provider - tried putting a double space in between, also experimented with an underscore and finally trying a completely different mail host- still end up with the first and last name all together.

    In the mean time - I did put a period between my first and last name - so it now looks like John.Smith to people getting mail from my Treo.

    It's certainly not the end of the world - I tried searching high and low on Palm's site (they are the developers) - can't find a place to report the bug.

    In summary - Anyone know a solution to this problem and/or where to report the bug to Palm?
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    I recently switched from Verizon Wireless Sync to Versamail 3.5.1 on my Treo 700P so I can have e-mail and calendar items synced from our corporate Outlook Exchange Server. It works great although pretty basic. But for some reason I can't get the email notification alert to function when it is in silent mode. It works with the sound on fine, but won't vibrate when sound is off. I have noticed that Versamail uses a different set of notification sounds than what is on the Treo. Anyone know what is going on? Also, what is the current version of Versamail for 700P. I have 3.5.1 dated 5/24/06, but some of the software websites show a date of 7/6/06.

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