i own a small residential window cleaning business and i'm looking for a way to use my visor a little more on the job. here's what i'd like to do: i receive a phone call from a potential customer, i enter their name/address/phone & notes into my visor and a reminder to call them later to schedule a time to look at their home. then i go to do the estimate and i currently use a pre-printed page that i created in excel to work-up a simple estimate. i later have to re-enter that info on my pc when i get home. i would much rather just be able to link their name to a mini-spreadsheet and make-up the same thing there to be printed in my vehicle. and lastly, i schedule a date to return to do the work for them.

aside from the spreadsheet, i'm currently using my visor for everything mentioned. however, i find that i'm constantly re-entering names/addresses/dates etc. when it seems that i should be able to use the original info with a simple link option for everything.

if it was a perfect world, i would also be able to import the customer info and the estimate/spreadsheet into quickbooks later on.

are there any programs that do any or all of these things?

any suggestions will be much appreciated