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    1st let me say that I am NOT asking about loading songs purchased from iTunes store I am using iTunes application as a way to organize all the mp3 and follow the podcast. And yes I am a newie on iTunes.

    Since it's the long weekend I decided to found a solution to move mp3 off my iTunes playlist into my Treo! after search TC and google I found two "free" ways to do this.

    iTunes Agents open source need .net framework installed
    Review: (include slides of screen shoots.

    Mass-Storage-Synchronizer post

    If you read the report you'll found the pro/con, but I am just listing how both function.
    1) both need your treo to somehow act like a USB storage device.
    2) both parse the "playlist" delete the files in your treo's audio folder and than move the song file to the audio folder

    I really wish there is an option to NOT to delete my the files in my audio folder before it copy the mp3. It does this EVERYTIME. So let's say if I got a new song from my friend (BT or download), by running either Plug-in I will ... losse my new mp3 that is not in my iTunes's playlist.

    I was able to modify MassStorSynTreo.bat so it doesn't remove the file in the Treo folder

    erase devicelist.txt >nul 2>&1
    erase playlist.txt >nul 2>&1
    call rmvlist.bat
    but i really love iTunes Agent, which allow you to the itunes folder structures and select different playlist... I have sent the author email and hope he can give an option to not clear the folder before copying from iTunes.... maybe it's a design decision

    if anyone know other ways to do this please share. I guess i can always just copy the song I want... but the nice thing about playlist and podcast update in iTunes makes it's pretty easy to use. Bad Apple!

    happy holiday and new year!
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    I guess Palm OS Multimedia doesn't get as much traffic as other main thread.
    But here is what I did to resolve the "podcast" part of my quest.

    I found which works with win, mac, and linux (that should cover most of the ppl). and I edit my DOS batch file script so I can xcopy it to my Treo's \Audio\Podcast\ (it's usually "F" drive for me).

    but if someone was to found this thread and know a better solution please share.
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    For Podcasts I use the MyPodder software and the PodCastReady site. The software resides on my SD card and can be run via a card reader or with card reader palm software that turns your palm into a disk drive. No software on the computer required.
    Try it at
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    I am a podcast ready user as well. I have the Sandisk UltraIIPlusUSB cards (they are SD cards with usb built in. They are great. Plug them into any usb slot....

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    this weekend I'll test out podcast ready... and I add my own feed or I must select the channel from their site? remind me of Avant for news.

    also I notice this I don't mind itune if I can quickly drag it over to my Treo (using Card Reader from mobile-stream) that would be nice. currently the scripting seems to work okay... didn't care for the folder layout of iTunes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justdoit2 View Post
    1) both need your treo to somehow act like a USB storage device.
    Thanks for the info. How do I make my Treo a USB storage device. I setup the software but I can't figure out how I can make it recognize my Treo with SDcard installed.

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    Hi PacketPuppy,
    there are two product out there (that I know of) that one I use is called CardReader by another is CardII(??) , another way is to buy a SD card reader from bestbuy and insert your SD card.
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    after trying out podcastReady I must say it's a great idea!! Basiclly the app. runs off the "USB" storage. But it does eat up 19 MB ( that is about 4 songs?).

    I actually like the iTune that can schedule update rrs and I run my dos script to copy onto my treo. A "lighter" version for podcast only checkout Juice (link post above and it's Open Source) also have schedule function and have Advenced feature for power user to run a command after each download.

    Here is my setup with Juice.
    Schedule to check for new podcast 1am and before I leave I just enable the CardReader and click on the batch file.

    Just create a bat file, like MovePocast.bat and insert the following code into it. by the way, you'll have to change path to reflect your setting.
    @echo off
    echo "copying to Treo
    set MSDPath=None
    set MSDTreo=:\Audio\Podcast\

    if exist "H%MSDTreo%" set MSDPath=H%MSDTreo%

    if NOT "%MSDPath%"=="None" GOTO Sync
    GOTO EXit

    echo "*"
    echo "** Start Copying **
    echo %MSDPath%

    xcopy /D /F /S /Y D:\Podcast\*.mp3 %MSDPath%

    echo Error Message %ERRORLEVEL%
    GOTO EXit

    set MSDTreo=:\Audio\Podcast\ the location of where to place mp3 on Treo
    if exist "H%MSDTreo%" set MSDPath=H%MSDTreo%
    : My Treo is always "H" drive so I hardcode it that way.
    xcopy /D /F /S /Y D:\Podcast\*.mp3 %MSDPath% standard way of using xcopy

    hth, if you know how to make this script better please share!!
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