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    I'm visiting my parents in Missouri and I'm not getting a very good signal. My Treo keeps turning on and giving me an error alert tone. I'm running between 0 and 2 bars--sometimes as high and sometimes NO bars. But usually 1 bar.

    This is resulting in SERIOUS battery drain. The battery drains at least 3 times faster than it has for the past year.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    First question, are you on the right forum? This is for the 680 whichhas only been out for less than one month.

    However, low signals will cause higher power drain. Reality of all cellphones. Perhaps you can try minimizing your GPRS connection time by checking mail hourly and disconnecting from the data network in between. So far it seems to be very helpful for my low signal conditions while skiing.
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    On my 680, when the signal is very low, I turn the phone off. It saves battery till I need to check email or make a call.
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