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    ok soi was meesin wih pxa clocker and now my 700p (verizon) is seriously pissing the f uk outta me

    so right now like half the time it will not make a call, it will say dialing...then just time out back to the phone home screen

    its locking the point where i try to turn on the screen but nothign happens, (at random times, not the sms lockup) what the hell is going on

    mind oyu this is happenig when pxa clocker is OFF

    theres are my settings

    System Default 286
    Applications 273
    Camcorder 292
    Camera 292
    GoogleMaps 286
    Messaging 292
    Navagator 351 (TomTom)
    Opera Mini 292
    PalmVNC 292
    Phone 292
    Pics&Videos 292
    pTunes 331
    TCPMP 31
    Web 312

    anything not listed is a is going on with my treo its like its tweakin out
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    would anyone have an idea of what ive done or can do? anything?
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    Hard reset the unit and all should be good again.
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    Or, just delete PXA clocker. It's notoriously buggy, as you have found out.

    And I'd cut down on the swears or you could get banned :/
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    really well ill watch out

    i think i figured out sumthin, its only happening in my home area, once i get out and am at work , it seems ot be fine, liek it wont call out, i wont get calls or texts, and i cant connect to evdo, liek 80 percent of the time, and its locking up, the other 20 percent it anyone please?
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    Delete PXA Clocker AND do a hard reset. PXA Clocker does not play well on the 700P. None of the overclockers do so you should steer clear of all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BFEINZIMER View Post
    ok soi was meesin wih pxa clocker and now my 700p (verizon) is seriously pissing the f uk outta me
    Statements like this really amaze me. The guy installs something which the Treo is CLEARLY not designed to accept, discovers, SURPRISE!, that the Treo's not working right, and blames the Treo.
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    alrite so i figured it lil bors motorola e815 is havin service problems too its liek amile winthin my house, i will drive out an get liek texts sent at leik midnight the night before, so verizon is sending liek a testers to the area to figure it out cuse its gotta be anetwork issue
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    What the heck does that mean?
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    It's that like tha aim speak or myspace speak? I would advise try deleting the overclock program.
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    like this is really messed up. like wtf is going on? I was like can't be the unstable pxa clocker that like is to obvious. has to be like verizon or like the treo.

    this is the reason I had to get out of computer support. people like this. like you know what I mean?
    If I could know then, what I know now.
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    no, it's liek. liek that u no

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