well, after retiring my old treo and getting a blackberry (first the 8700, and then the new pearl).. i'm coming back to the family.

Bought myself a treo 650 (new, unlocked) on ebay the other day.. and it just arrived.

I missed you guys


Now to business.

I still have volumecare/verichat on my computer which I'm putting on the treo.

Where can I find a directory of software that I need such as "ON DEMAND" is there a directory anywhere of freeware that I can get? Or even apps that I pay for, doesnt really matter.

I'm interested in getting a few games to kill time in airport terminals, I heard monopoly has been released on the treo, where can I get this app?

Also, what's the latest and greatest firmware/OS update? So i can start with that and make sure i'm running the best/latest OS for the phone.

Thank you guys, and I'm glad to be back.. whatever was I thinking?

ps: you'll never know just how great that touch screen is, until you don't have it anymore.