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    Any word on progress getting the 650 rom tools to work with the 700p?

    Yes, I searched, and found a few posts indicating it was being looked into, but have yet to find anything concrete.

    I really (despirately) want to make a rom for the 700p. It's important for a number of reasons, but mostly because of the lag issues.

    I've managed to tackle most of the 700p's lag by doing a lot of tweaking and determining what programs fail to free up ram and such. However, I am going to need to change the rom to really have a chance of putting it to bed.

    Also, the measly 64mb of user-accessable storage on the 700p makes a rom all the more important.

    Any news on the custom rom front???
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    From what I understand, the hackers are waiting at bay for the first firmware update from Palm - which will give them the information they need to properly implement a ROM tool for the 700p. Search around for "Shadowmite" and you should be able to learn what you need.

    Palm's representative claimed in his letter to the user community that they expect to finally have a firmware update (addressing the bluetooth problems and some other stuff *except* lag) by the end of Q1 2007. Hackers move pretty quick, so I'd imagine that once the "official" release comes out the tool will be out a few days later.
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    How Does It Feel To Want?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FSUFAN1200 View Post
    How Does It Feel To Want?
    It feels very crappy indeed
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    Quote Originally Posted by FSUFAN1200 View Post
    How Does It Feel To Want?
    You should know as well as I. All I wanted was Jeff Bowden to be out all year. My wait was rewarded with a booster buyout. So the point is the long the wait, the sweeter the honey.
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    Oh yes my alumni donations went to good use this year! I guess it was the only way to get rid of him, buy him out.

    To the contrary, I personally don’t think he was the only problem. Lot’s of young kids playing, who all will be back for the next few years.

    Time will tell………

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