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    I'm trying to synch my Treo 700P in Windows mode using Parallels Desktop software on my MacBook, but so far I haven't had success. At first I was able to do what appeared to be a hotsync, but after it was done, nothing would show up on my desktop that was on my Treo. I tried reinstalling the Treo 700 software, but then I couldn't even get the hotsync process to start. It kept saying it couldn't establish a connection.

    I wonder if I should check into using some other 3rd party syncing software. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Is there a Windows only conduit that is keeping you from syncing in OSX on your MacBook?
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    What are you using to sync to the macbook? if it is Missing Sync, then click off the USB connection if you are using the cable. if you are using bluetooth, not sure. I'm not sure the included software is necessary, just download the Palm Desktop from Palm's site through Windows in Parallels.
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    Thanks for trying to help. As far as there being a "windows only conduit", I haven't seen one any where. Actually, I'm able to sync with the Palm software while in Mac OSX okay. The problem is trying to sync when in Windows using Paralles Desktop. I'm not using Missing Sync or Bluetooth, and I did follow the suggestion to reinstall the Palm software by downloading it from their site. However, although it appears to go through the motions of syncing, nothing from my handheld ends up on the desktop. I've checked that the conduit settings are set to sychronize and that the correct username is selected. What's more, the same results happen when trying it on my wife's Dell.
    Maybe there's an easy solution to correcting whatever is happening or isn't happening, but so far I'm baffled & frustrated.
    By the way, the reason I need to sync with my 700 from Windows is to be able to install software from a new bluetooth GPS I got a few days ago called Garmin Mobile 10, which is not Mac compatible. I'm dieing to get it working. Any suggestions ?
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    Palm software comes as a .prc extension (or .pdb). Look for it in your Palm install folder using parallels, then drag it over to the mac and install from there.
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    That's correct, hotsync does not put anything on the desktop. It is in the user/palm folder. The latest Parallels supports copy/paste across platforms and probably drag and drop. I forgot about Garmin 10, it sounded cool.
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    You need to turn off the Hot Sync manager in OS X then make sure it is enabled in XP then you should be good to go as long as XP can see your phone when the USB cable is connected.

    If you don't disable Hot Sync manager in OS X it will just take over an then sync there every time.
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    Also, make sure that you have selected the treo in the USB control icon thingy in Parallels so that it is checked. Otherwise, it tries to share it with the Mac osx.

    I'm assuming you have the latest with better USB 2.0 support.

    I have switched to just using the boot camp partition with Parallels (new feature). That way, if I do need to boot into windows with Boot Camp, it's the same Windows partition. Makes it much easier for USB 2.0 stuff. It's just not quite there with Parallels yet.

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