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    yohan - Orb Networks

    Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 3:31 pm Post subject: Update

    Hi everyone,

    We released today a new version of the web site, v2.00.0134
    Here are the main changes:
    - Improved RSS feeds support
    - Fixes for Online Videos
    - Improved Library view performances
    - Enforce only one session per login at the same time
    - Added OrbSecure link in webcam tooltip
    - Thumbnail will show when playing audio files in embedded Flash player
    - Fixed wrong duration displayed for playlists in Winamp
    - Fixed streaming in WMP on Vista
    - Allow access to RSS feeds on mobile when home PC offline
    - fixed 3GP SDP streaming on some mobile phones
    - Added Stop Media Center option when it prevents streaming on mobiles
    - Improved speed detection on mobiles

    Also, here's a RSS feed of the release notes we'll update everytime we release a new version (installer or web):

    Have a great holidays!
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    I wish they had a "check for updates" built into their PC host/server software.
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