I have sent ringtones via bluetooth before, but lately I have not been successful! I try to send ringtones through bluetooth to other bluetooth-enabled phones (most of them are non-Treo). Some phones, I try to pair with and the pairing is successful, but no files can be transmitted. When I try, it disconnects and asks me to try again! I have successfully sent ringtones to a Samsung A900 and a pink (not that the colors matter) Katana. I havent successfully sent them to ANY Slack...er, BlackBerry, and I have tried many things.

I havent tried sending pics or other items, but I will try to see if I get the same problem. If there is a problem, then it isnt limited to the file type. I have tried to send small-sized ringtones and large ones alike.

I have even tried using FileZ! Is there something I am doing wrong? Any ideas?

And if this has been covered elsewhere, please point it out to me as I have searched and searched!