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    Is it just me...or is syncing Pocket Tunes with Windows Media player somewhat akin to Russian Roulette??

    Sometimes you hear a nice little click...and sometimes you end up pushing up daisies?

    Basically I find Media player sometimes happily finds the Treo...syncs my music nicely...and other times it has a hard time finding the player...I then do the following highly scientific procedure to find the Treo....

    1.) Pull the Treo off the USB cord
    2.) Replug the Treo
    3.) Pray
    4.) Start Pocket Tunes on Treo
    5.) Press F5 and hope it finds the Treo
    6.) Pray some more
    7.) Exit Palm HotSync
    8.) Dance on left foot
    9.) Dance on right foot
    10.) Unplug Replug...Close Reclose Pocket Tunes and Media Player
    11.) Hold Tongue at approximately 45 degrees to roof of mouth
    12.) Presto....Media Player finds Treo and syncs nicely for a while

    Treo then loses connection with Pocket Tunes and I then begin above troubleshooting steps again....the only consistency I can find is that there seems to be no consistency to getting it to work....

    How does your Treo go with syncing to Pocket Tunes? Works every time? Or do you also play the dancing/praying/syncing media player game?
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    mine only syncs if i have pt open while wm is open.
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    Well I think I actually figured out a much easier option....simply avoid using Windows Media Player rather right click on files in Explorer and send them to the expansion card...the only time it looks like I need Media Player is for the DRM protected files.
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    I find that if it's been a while since my last attempt to download song from Window media Player, it's like an entire learning experience all over again. I have to get the instructions out and struggle at first.
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