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    I had a chance to play with the Treo 680 at the Palm store located inside the new downtown shopping center which houses the Bloomingdale store in San Francisco.

    My immediate impression is that the device is only a little bit more compact versus the Treo 700p. However, it still positively had some thickness to it, especially near the center. I can't say that it's much more compact versus the 700 series, only a little bit so.

    I immediately noticed the "missing" antenna, which caught my eye. The SD card slot is located at the side of the Treo, but I didn't like the flimsy lid that closes the slot. I have a feeling the lid will break off soon one day.

    I also opened the battery compartment and took out the battery. I said to the salesperson, HUH?? What happened to the rest of the battery?!? The battery seems to be only half the thickness of the 700 series. I can't imagine battery life lasting too life, but who knows.

    The camera and speaker at the back was situated completely different than the 700 series. I could swear all the buttons seemed a tiny bit smaller than the 700 series.

    Now for the's only available for Cingular as a GSM model. Huh? What about for Sprint??

    The same store also had a Vaja case available for the Treo. I bought a black model for less than $100. Now I see why many consider the Vaja case to be the Rolls Royce of Treo cases! Very well made, looks great, and fits extremely snug...even too snug!

    If you want to check out the 680, the above store has it.
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    Apparently you have no understanding of cell phone technology. The 680 is a GSM phone, of course it does not work on sprint. The same way that the 700 does not work on any GSM network.
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    Actually, I do know the difference between GSM (Cingular) models and CDMA (Sprint) models. I was simply wondering if a CDMA model of the Treo 680 will be made, and if so, if Sprint would carry it. I'm on my 3rd Treo already, so I do know the difference.
    Sprint 755p, 700p, 650 - I am not a geek! Really!
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    In an ideal world where palm had it's act together U would probably get the antennaless form factor on Sprint but as it is you have the 700P and I wouldn't hold my breath for a 680.
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    lol I just thought the rating for this thread was funny
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    What's amazing is a review based on playing with the phone in a store. My friends who do this professionally at least play with it for a few days.

    For instance, my SD cover has managed NOT to break off yet and does not appear to be falling off soon.

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