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    This has happened in 2 seperate 7oop phones. It isnt all the time, and first I thought it was with head phone use...but its not.

    I'll be on a call, and when the screen light goes off, I cant hear the other person on the phone, and they cant hear me...but the call doesnt disconnect. If I hit any one of the 4 main buttons (below the red and green(, the sound comes back, and we talk fine. It happens with earphones or phone speaker. It doesnt happen all the time (if I soft reset, I think it helps...not sure). If I change the time settings for the screen to cut off (in "power") it always goes on and off with the screen.

    It doesnt happen but 2-3 times a month, but when it does, it does untin I reset (I guess thats what fixes it. Sprint actually replaced my phone once.

    Programs I use are volume care, resco backup, neat freak package, dir assistance, bejewelled, solitaire, butler, minutes pluss, G maps, datebook6 (but it preceeded that one), ereader, documents to go, converter, call record...and others I cant remember, but the phone runs clean most of the time.

    Any words of wisdom?
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    have you upgraded your neatfreak stuff to that latest?

    have you upgraded everything?
    "So long and thanks for all the Treos!"
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    I just bought all the apps in the last month, they are all new (so is the treo). But I'll try anything. I'm still trying to analyze for a pattern.

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