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    I still dont understand why Tom Tom 5 works on some 700's and not others. And I know all about the patch. On my sprint 700 it just would not work.

    Out of desperation I tried Mapopolis. It might not be as cute as Tom Tom , but it works and works very well. I gave it a torture test in that I kept making wrong turns on purpose .( like you have to do in rush hour ) and it always rerouted flawlessly. Mapopolis has another thing going for it in that it works via serial, bluetooth infrared, cf or special. It works on Sprint and Verizon. It works on a generic GPS unit as well as the palm GPS unit that comes from the palm store which has the tom tom 5 software that dosent work with the 700p. We tried it on my sprint 700p and a verizon 700p. I took the whole thing back and brought a generic GPS unit from Semsons (wonder-x bt74s for $65 and Mapopolis for $89. I even have change left over. The beauty of Mapopolis is that you can try the software before you buy it , to make sure it works with your treo and gps unit.
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    telenav also works well and downloads is maps as needed. works with ant gps.
    earthcomber (free) doesn't provide a voice but has a nice floating map and you can download a map if you are missing one.
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