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    I've been enjoying the heck out of listening to XM via while at work, but have one small niggle.

    When I connect, Kinoma Embedded launches, then what appears to be a stripped-down Pocket Tunes. It simply shows "XM Radio Online", with a few controls below that can be exposed with a down rocker.

    Is there any way I can see what tracks are playing while listening to XM? I know I can interrupt the music and go back to the webpage, but that's a kludge. Maybe there's a way to put the player in background mode?

    Also, I've found it works best using the "low" setting. Does anyone know what bandwidth this uses? (I'm on an unlimited plan, but I'm curious.)

    Thanks! This site has been hugely helpful in getting me up to speed with my new 700P!
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    I think they have a 28k and a 64k stream, lo and hi, respectively.
    The 28k is not worth listening to IMHO, but the 64k stream is surprisingly quite good.

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