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    I'm new to this so bear with me - Could you run Garmin GPS software on a Treo 650?
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    Yes, if you're talking about Garmin's Que software for Palm that runs Garmin's GPS 10 bluetooth receiver and their map data bases, it works very well on a 650. Garmin's latest Palm software, Mobile XT (still beta), runs somewhat but not great. There are several threads in the Bluetooth forum on these topics.
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    I have the iQUE software for the 3600... still work?
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    Nope, because iQue is a Garmin device running Palm OS that has an internal GPS. With Que you need a GPS 10 (or soon, GPS 10x) external bluetooth device. But you can download the Que (or Mobile XT beta) software for free:

    What you pay for are the map databases and the bluetooth GPS receiver; if you want to use Garmin's map databases you have to buy a Garmin receiver, since the receiver itself is the hardware key for your maps.

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