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    I think they already have all 4 cases (hybrid, crystal, rubberized and skin cases) for the extended battery+door in their e-store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenosce View Post
    I spoke to Kelvin at SEIDIO yesterday. Unfortunately, his explanation left me a little confused. According to him, this problem with the SEIDIO High Capacity Battery for the Treo 680 - where I am getting frequent sudden "YOUR BATTERY IS EXTREMELY LOW" messages on a full battery, are not due to the battery, but due to the Treo itself. Kelvin said, "this is a common problem on the Treo 680, and is due to the Treo hardward not being able to (?) read the proper charge on the battery".
    I can second this happening.

    It also happened to me, after installing one of those great new Seidio extended batteries with the reshaped back door.

    After receiving the battery, I charged my Treo 680 up overnight in the cradle (also a Seidio cradle), and used it the next day, and charged it up some more the next night (just to be sure).

    I then let it drain fully, and am seeing how far it can go, without needing to recharge.

    It's much better than the original Palm battery.

    However, PalmOS keeps popping up those warnings. The battery warning about "Your battery is low, recharge your phone" pops up occasionally, and the meter drops to something like 10% or so. However, that's only for one second. After I dismiss the warning, the battery comes back to its previous reading, around 80% or so, at the time this happened. It is a strange, temporary, glitch.

    A day later, it has fully drained, I think. I used my Treo for a total of about two full days and nights of ordinary use without needing a recharge, a record for me. Before, it needed to be recharged overnight every single night -- unacceptable if I were ever to go on a vacation!

    When this happened, the stupid PalmOS put up an unstoppable window when it thinks the battery is at 0%, with a warning message "Your battery is extremely low", and it even has a countdown timer from 20 seconds! They put in all the programming to do the timer, and didn't even think to give the user a cancel button.

    This is just like Windows 98. On my old laptop, Windows 98 would force the user into a shutdown when it detected a reading of 0%, no matter what the true charge of the battery was! Windows thought it knew better than you. So, I would then simply turn the laptop back on and reboot it into Linux, on the same battery, and then continue happily using it for a few more hours

    Unfortunately, there's no alternative OS that I can run on my Treo (yet).

    So, what can I do about an overzealous PalmOS that wants to shut down my Treo, when there's still some physical juice left in the new Seidio battery? I can't drain the battery fully, to do a recalibration, if the PalmOS is forcing me to shut down.
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    It's difficult to distinguish what is the battery and what is the Treo's role in this. I have two Seidio 1300 mah batteries, I'm not sure this happens with my standard Palm batteries, but when my battery runs out and I pop the standby in, even though it was apparently charged fully at home, it shows 0% charge and warns of low battery! The icon shows empty, but when I go to my battery app, it shows full power (4.17-4.19 volts). It stays this way until I get home and pop it in the charger, and the icon slowly (but more rapidly than usual) shows charging up to full.I think this happens regularly (I've only run out and had to put in the standby a handful of times so far). I find this strange, but more importantly, it's not clearly the Treo's fault, it might be the battery. As i say I don't remember this happening with the Palm stock battery, but maybe it did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pighood View Post
    Already got one.

    Happily, I keep my 680 PARKED on either a car charger or home charger when not in use.

    Fk it.
    If I wanted a wired phone, I would look to Vonage, not Palm. Whether for power or signal, wired is wired.
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    Quote Originally Posted by owenbg View Post
    No thanks. I can do without the hump.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenada View Post
    No thanks. I can do without the hump.
    Hump is cheap if it results in usable product. That said, I prefer my 650 to my 680 with a hump.
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    I am thinking of ordering the 2400mah battery. Does it still have the 0% charging issue? meanign when you pop the battery in is it say that it is full charged or is it giving "your battery is low warnings"?
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    SB, I have not seen the issue some have mentioned. Other than the first door I got not fitting, this battery has been great! Just plugged it in at 2% and thats after 5 days of use. One of those I was underground with a very weak signal.

    My usage is normal for me, which is low key for some, but I loaded Google Maps today and killed the last 20% without a lot of effort!! LOL

    The thing about the 680 that now bothers me the most is the range of issues that affect some but not all. Why is that?
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    Well, after living with the SEIDIO high capacity battery for 2 weeks now, I have to confirm that my problems with it haven't gone away - despite at least half a dozen "battery resets". Also, I have tried using the standard batteries - and don't get the problem. For those new to this thread, this is the occasional, sudden, "YOUR BATTERY IS EXTREMELY LOW" message even with a full battery, followed by a phone shutdown.

    Again, I do love the battery when it works well - and to a certain extent, I have to say that it's not too big a deal to pop out the battery, and pop it back in again, everytime I catch the shutdown warning. My only concern is that on at least a couple of occasions, I didn't realize this was happening (because the Treo was in my pocket), and the phone completely shut down. This would be a problem if I was expecting any urgent calls.

    Have any of you tried the alternatives? For example, Boxwave also has extended batteries for the Treo 680, at:

    By the way, I have to say that I have ordered from Boxwave before, and while their products have nice aesthetics, two things I purchased from them had problems - a Versacharger that blew its fuse only after a week, and a portable AA charger that never worked. I guess no one is perfect...

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    I bought a no name battery from Ebay and got the hump door that came with it. Since the Ebay 2400mah battery only registered 1200mAh, I used one of my Treo 650 1800mAh batteries with the hump door. They say that they are incompatible - battery.prc registers the battery as 1800mAh and I am getting better run time with the 1800mAh battery. It charges fine, but I have had a few things of notice - the green led comes on and stays on for 5 seconds and then turns off.

    Usually I will battery reset it once or twice a week. If you want to use an extended battery and have a Treo 680 hump door, consider using the Palm Treo 650 battery in the 680.
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    For now, we have completed grahite, red and white. we are still working on orange (copper). I do not have ETA yet.
    Hi SeidioSeidio! Are you any closer to an ETA on the extended battery and door for the Copper 680 yet? I bought the one for my Graphite but I just sold that Treo along with the extended battery. I got a Copper Treo 680 and I'm anxious to get the extended battery with the Copper door now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdaluver View Post
    Hi SeidioSeidio! Are you any closer to an ETA on the extended battery and door for the Copper 680 yet? I bought the one for my Graphite but I just sold that Treo along with the extended battery. I got a Copper Treo 680 and I'm anxious to get the extended battery with the Copper door now.

    We are definitely closer, and I have heard that it should be available soon.

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    What we are really waiting for is an extended battery with the original form factor. If I were willing to put the hump on and destroy the original appearance, I would just have soon put another color on as well.
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    The hump didn't actually bother me although it "would" be nice to have an extended battery with the original form factor.
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    I would agree with that statement. I don't mind the extra size until I pick up my wifes 680, then I get a pang. LOL

    If and when, I will buy a smaller extended battery equal to or greater than the 2400mAh I now have.
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    What about this 2000 mah standard size battery:

    anyone try it yet?
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    I am going to call or email them to see if its a typo.
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    Just spoke to a rep. I am buying one now. A little steep at $70 but, it has no hump and it is 2000mah
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    I hope it really is 2000mah and not just a lesser capacity battery labeled 2000mah. If it's true I'm so gonna get one.

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    Well, i called and the rep when to check with one of the tech guys. he confirmed it was 2000mah. The I called again spoke to a different rep who did the exact same thing, by confirming that the battery was indeed 2000mah.
    I ordered it. So I will see if it is true. i hope so.
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