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    I'm a long-time Palm user, but this is my first time with a Treo. My previous Palm up until a few weeks ago was a Handspring Visor Platinum.

    Anyway, I've enjoyed it so far, except for the ubiquitous battery issues... However I've got a few things I want to get back ont my Treo 680 that I enjoyed on the Visor:
    • Big Clock. I've gotten used to having multiple customizable alarms, but Big Clock crashes all the time on the 680. Is there a replacement program that has similar functionality?
    • A better launcher. I used to use a launcher called Launcher III that had tabs for various icon groups, and was highly customizable. Any options for the 680?
    • Button configurations / Quick-launcher? I used to have a program that would pop up a menu of programs I could launch. I'd love to get that program for the side button on the Treo.
    • GraffitiI'd love a hack to get access to the old slash commands from Graffiti. there are a few places on the phone that would be easier to deal with if I had access to those again.
    • I know this will be impossible, but I'd love if I could find freeware (or at least decently cheap) options for the above stuff.

    Am I dreaming, or is all this possible on the Treo 680? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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    Anyone have any thoughts at all on this?

    Bueller? Bueller?
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    Look at Hi-Launcher or Launch-Anywhere for a quick launcher.

    A couple of programs will give you access to the / command bar including Butler.
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    If you used Launcher III you should have a look at:

    works fine on my 680

    Didn't try Graffity Anywhere yet but I'm downloading right now...
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    Try MegaLauncher, I've been using it since the 650 and have tried just about every launcher out there. It adds funtionality and looks nice as well.
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    Bigclock did not work on the 650 either. I don't know if it worked on the 600. Perhaps I should adopt BigClock as a freeware project. Now if I only had a copy of the development software . . .
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    I use Palmary Wireless -- it's not free but it's an amazing application for customizable alarms, rtc.
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    I second PalmaryClock Wireless Edition. If you get it be sure to get the Treo edition.

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    For a launcher you might try what I have just downloaded:
    Initiate from I loaded it the first time and tried to move a ROM app to the card. Well it set the device into a conitnual reset loop. So I unloaded it and contacted the developer. I was amazed that Rob emailed me the next day with a suggestion and a confirmation that ROM apps can't be moved. But Initiate lets you "hide" the icons from the launcher screen! So while the app is still there and still accessibale if I ask for it, the icon not being there shrinks my launcher real estate to what I want to use it for!

    Initiate also allows voice commands! I am still pplaying with this launcher, but I am so VERY impressed!

    I used Silver Screen in the past on my T3 and Zlauncher on the T3 also after too many bugs with Silver Screen. This Initiate so far knocks them BOTH out of the water! It is extremely customizable and way cool hi res graphics and free skins and backgrounds and.... and.... and....

    Check it out!
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    Hi Scalpel,

    Did you get any wiser wrt the 680 replacement for Big Clock?
    Did you go with PalmaryClock?
    I come from a PalmV device and misses Big Clock, as well...

    // Egholm
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    you can also try treo alarm. not only is it free, but it gets you the weather as well. I have been pretty happy with zlauncher with my 650 & 700.
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    TreoAlarm looks cool... Though it lacks one feature of BigClock - timers! Counting up or down!

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