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    Was wondering if anybody has created any interesting Fonts for Fontsmoother? Especially Utopia ib.. smaller than 18pnt?

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    You realize there is a font converter in the package? I converted over a bunch of TrueType fonts, but only use one now. Deleted the rest to save space.
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    I personally have stuck with Calabri point 14-17 from the converter.. Looks nice to me.
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    has anyone found a nice FONT to use with messaging that doesnt get distorted when u highlight text?

    thats my only real bad issue with fontsmoother,,, when u highlight text it gets unreadable... this is noticeable when u change fonts on text messenging

    i found one called kristi and another comic sans that seems to work ok, by not getting messed up but i dont really like them, can anyone be kind enough to upload the fonts they are using on the messaging application...
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    check out this regarding different fonts; 1000s of free fonts that, in conjunction with the fontsmoother converter, makes for a nice face-lift on the treo---over half the fonts i use on my treo with fontsmoother are from here. my only warning is that you should only go there when you have alot of free time on your hands, the fonts are addictive!!

    there are many websites that have quality, free fonts, and almost all of them (that i have tried) play nice with the converter, check it out....maybe if i have free time later i'll post a few pics to show everyone.
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