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    I am going on a long trip, so need some good suggestions.

    My favorites:

    Scrabble and Yahtzee (play with wife). Blackjack Solitaire, Solitaire Poker, Space Trader (buggy on 700p), Bejeweled, Dope Wars.
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    My favorites are Bejeweled2, Open Chess and Zap.
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    Galaga baby, Galaga
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    MLT, Tetris 2, Bowling Deluxe, and Rocket Mania.
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    Madden 07. I won't pay for it, but the 2 minute games helps pass the time when needed.
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    Collaspe, Solitaire, Dope Wars
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    Anyone using Doom? I tried to set it up, but no luck yet.
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    Mazera-great adventure/RPG that is easy to play for long or short periods.
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    Bike Or Die....
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    Euchre is great
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    WordPop, Bubble Shooter (this has got to be the most addictive, game, ever), Penguin Panic. I've wasted a lot of time with SkyForce & SkyForce Reloaded, too.
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    Rolling Thunder
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    I'm all about reposted game threads! (seriously)

    Bike or Die is amazing, Pocket Mahjong is wicked if you know the game... and Astraware sudoku.

    In terms of mindless joy, Astraware Chuzzle never disappoints.
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    Monopoly is cool. The graffics are nice and you can play against the treo. The best part is you get to be whatever you want.
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    Village Sim, Dope Wars, and Scrabble. (Scrabble is good only if you are an experienced played and know what the different colored spaces mean)
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    Zuma, Crazy Daisy, Chuzzle
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    how about freebies?
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    Don't forget about the OLD SCHOOL games like DONKEY KONG!!
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    LJP + Mike Tyson's Punch Out FTW!
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    Monopoly, Bejeweled, and Dope Wars for me. Wasted lots of time with these.
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