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    I have an aircard 875 with unlimted data account I use in my laptop. When I put the sim in the treo it connects to the media net service and works fine. Will I be charged for data?
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    Shouldn't be as Cingular doesn't care about data source as long as you've signed up for it with the 875 Aircard. Now if you try and use the voice portion - that's probably where they are going to get ticked. If you don't have a voice plan.

    BTW - your Air Card should be faster than connecting via the 680 because it's dedicated to data only - you'll not have to lug around your laptop but the screen size and the processing speed of the the 680 - well unless your laptop is still using a Pentium 386 processor - it should be faster.
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    Im not using the Treo for tethering or phone just for data on the device only.

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