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    I finally received my T680. I was momentarily undecided but the LARGER cache and stability convinced me (and the little things that I love from my bro's 700p are present)

    BUT, TCPMP stutters momentarily at random intervals.
    AND on occasion i cannot wake up the phone... nor does it register buttons... and the phone just 'freezes' momentarily.

    I thought it was said here that the radio/speaker interference was less than on the T650. NOT IN MY CASE. and this morning it seems as if WHEN I HEAR that, it's when i experience that the momentary 'lag'

    I'll keep testing the phone, and read more about the phone here... IS this a common issue with the phone? Would a replacement phone NOT have this issue?

    Feedback anyone?
    Thanks for reading... i REALLY like the phone overall.

    BTW, yes i have A LOT of programs installed... zl, kblights, keycaps, resco back-up, explorer... should I just hard reset and begin again?
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    If you read the sticky at the top - it describes the best way to upgrade to the 680.

    I'd recommend that you start with a virgin device and then add programs as you go - being certain to load clean versions of them and not from the backup of your 650.

    Programs that affect the "hardware" of the 680 such as keycaps, kblights and any others that change "settings" of volume or ringtones or similar issues - be certain that they are listed as being compatible with the 680.

    Explorer and backup don't typically require anything or impact the radio or the hardware - they are strictly software doing a tast when used......these are less likely to influence the button freezes and or the radio interference.

    I have had my 680 now for well over two weeks with Resco Explorer and backup, MobileDB, Daynotez, Automobile from Linkesoft, Agendus Pro 11.06 with no freezes or soft resets needed for over a week. I just loaded CrashPro (now compatible with the 680) and can isolate any freezes easy enough but I don't think I'll have issue.

    I have also had Phone Technician and Butler installed and can't complain about either one of those programs because they were both updated.

    I have noted one phone call that sounded like an echo box but this is not uncommon on cell phones besides the Treo.....

    Generally speaking, the 680 is better than the 650 which I was using up until the 680 arrived. It's more stable - the BT sound quality is better and the phone call connection and overall sound quality is better except for my one noted call.

    If you are having "bad" connections - Palm will recommend you remove all 3rd party software and try again. If you have no issues without any 3rd party software then it becomes trial and error to determine the offending piece of software.

    But if you loaded all of your old software via backup from your 650 - then hard reset and follow the guidelines in the sticky thread.
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    Well right after posting i hotsynced, and 'backed-up' and HARD reset.

    Uh, no, i did not sync up my T680 to the computer, I installed each and every piece of software in batches... the last to be installed were kblights off, keycaps, and zl (Mundu, snapper).

    I'll just start again... but i can't seem to to understand the 'stuttering' i am experiencing.
    OMG, is this phone stable... RESCO BACK-UP, to PALMPDF, to MAPOPOLIS were sure reset/hard resets on my T650... liked that aspect of the phone but.. just this one quirky 'pausing' behavior (the lag upon opening apps, i can live with that...)
    Now it's the WAITING GAME: a GSM Palm Pre
    T680 (COPPER) + Cingular = FUN!!
    My T650 & 6230b and NX70 are retired... =(
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    There are lots of threads discussing how great this device is, even if it is evolutionary. I totally agree.

    As for radio interference, I don't recall reading it was any better or worse than the 650. My experience says it's about the same, perhaps even a little worse... but that might be due to the beefier antenna. Remember, this interference -- well, at least the buzzing you can sometimes hear when the phone is near an unshielded amplifier or the flickering of a CRT -- is caused by the way GSM radio's work. I know that some devices tend to exhibit this more than others, but it's the act of the radio cycling on and off (during communication with the cell network) that causes the buzz.

    As for lagging -- again, there are several threads running around on that issue -- I don't perceive it as any worse than the 650. The big difference between the 650 doing it and the 680 is that the 650 would often wind up resetting when it happened. I suspect it may be due to management of the dbcache. But as long as it doesn't interrupt phone calls or other stuff I do I'm not too worried about it.

    I haven't used my device yet to play background music, mostly because I couldn't stand the battery lasting any less than it already does and I have an iPod -- even integrated with my car, which the Treo just can't do. So I just won't see some of this... but I vaguely recall reading a thread about TCPMP versus Ptunes versus another new player (k... something), and that TCPMP might not be 680-ready? Not super sure, but maybe player variances could be at work too.
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    I feel the radio interference is worse.
    BUT i experienced NO lag with my T650. (resets, yes... due to lag?)

    I'll keep reading and testing the phone... (i can always attempt to request a replacement if i feel it necessary).

    I'll keep a rather non-personlized T680 for a day or two...

    THANKS for the feedback...
    Now it's the WAITING GAME: a GSM Palm Pre
    T680 (COPPER) + Cingular = FUN!!
    My T650 & 6230b and NX70 are retired... =(

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