View Poll Results: Are you planning to turn your old device(s) in for a trade-up to the 680?

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    Well, after over two weeks with the 680 I've decided to move forward with my trade-up return. It was a little sad to pack up all the 650 bits -- and surprising to notice that all the extra cable bits hadn't even been unwrapped! -- but I've been pleased enough with the 680 to not even want to try the 650 for nostalgia sake.

    Just because I've read some horror stories about these kinds of programs, I made sure to take thorough photographs of the contents of the box, including the invoice from my 680 order *and* very detailed shots of the phone itself and the serial/IMEA labels of the phone and original box. Then I printed contact sheets and included these in the box... as perhaps a not-so-subtle hint to the person opening it that I did actually document what's in there.

    Oh, and just in case anyone else is preparing to send their 650 down the river, DO be sure to completely wipe all memory of the device beforehand. Don't assume whoever is processing it will do it for you. From other threads, I found these direct pointers. Do BOTH of these for the best protection against any of your old data from getting into the wrong hands.

    1. Perform a Zero-Out Reset (to do an initial wipe of the memory)
    2. Perform a Factory Reset to finish the job

    What's really interesting is that when you do the Factory Reset *after* the Zero-Out, it actually displays a message about initializing the memory (that you wouldn't normally see if you hadn't zero'ed out first). Just extra protection!

    Oh, and the poll... I thought it might be interesting to get an idea of how many people are opting for the trade-up.
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    For those who don't know what the trade-up program is, go here. There is also a page for general Palm promotions.

    The trade-in promotion comes and goes. I do recall there was a *specific* promotion for the early 680 purchasers (I think it expired just a few days ago) for basically a guarantee of $125 on your 650 if you were going 680. Even for mine, where I chose "poor" condition due to faceplate marring, it estimated $125.

    So... gotta keep an eye on that promotion page.
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    Well, I still love my 650 regardless, but here are some options I have with it:

    - sell it on eBay (locked/unlocked)
    - trade it in for an unlocked 680 and give my 680 to my gf, then take her unlocked 650 and keep it for future out-of-the-country use (i just have to this soon cuz I read that you have until the end of January til the promo ends for trade-up)
    - just keep it in case i get my 680 lost, stolen or messed up.
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