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    Hi everyone,

    Here is a newsletter from ZZTechs. Launch-Anywhere is finially released!!

    Dear ZZTechs Registered User,

    We are pleased to announce that Launch-Anywhere is now available!


    You may download Launch-Anywhere from our website:

    Downlaod launch-anywhere.prc here:

    About Launch-Anywhere:

    Launch-Anywhere lets you navigate your handheld with a Windows-like Start Menu. You can switch from application to application easily and quickly. To accomplish some complicated tasks with a handy operation.

    Main Feature:

    You can popup Launch-Anywhere menu in any screen.
    Menu's content may include: Memory/Card application, DA, Panel, Plugin, System status item, function item and etc.
    There are several popup methods for you to popup Launch-anywhere menu, which included CommandBar, Hard Button, etc.
    You can specify to popup different menu in different application.
    You can share your specified menu with your friend.
    Supported Theme, Backimage, Iconset, and Sound effect.
    Supported transparent effect.
    Supported lefty.
    ZLauncher's Plugins are supported.
    Supported special font effect. Such as, Shadows and Outline.
    Supported multi-submenu.
    Quick Key is supported.
    Supported Long Press to launch application.

    If you have any questions on Launch-Anywhere, please let us know.

    Best Regards,

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    I'm trying to purchase this software but I get this TEST page when purchasing.
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    I was able to purchase the program. Ben
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    Still the same error. Oh well...I give up.
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    While you get the error there, you may try a simmilar software: Hi-Launcher.
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    Hmmm, granted this is a cool, powerful app, but I still prefer ZLauncher / QuickLaunch combo. It's redundant to run ZL and LaunchAnywhere, and I can't stand to turn on my Treo and see the Palm Launcher willi-vanilli screen. I guess I'm just a die-hard ZL palmer!
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    I am running both together. I did disable the ZLauncher Quick Launch feature and THAT has taken a bit of getting use to. I may end up keeping the QL feature going also. Time will tell. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by RaNo View Post
    While you get the error there, you may try a simmilar software: Hi-Launcher.
    Not cool!
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    I tried Launch-Anywhere when it was first announced and found it slowed down my 700p. Has anyone noticed that with the released version? I'm a registered Hi-Launcher owner but stopped using it because it seemed to crash my device, which has been extremely stable ever since.
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    That was my impression when I first started using Launch-Anywhere. I am now a registered user and notice nothing irregular about its launching time. My 700 has never been fast; however in terms of reliability, it is a solid device. Ben

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