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    Anybody experiencing gibberish or garbled text displaying on their Cingular Treo 680?

    No problems on mine, but a buddy of mine bought two from the same store as me (the next day) and BOTH have the problem. Come to think of it, his SIM cards may still be the old AT&T ones. I have the latest 64K SIM (I've also been with Cingular since the first year of Pacific Bell Wireless so there weren't any other transition issues).

    Also, it can't be a third party software problem... one of the phones has *never* even been HotSynced, it's only been used as a phone!

    My phone stats:
    Firmware: R01.31
    Software: TREO680-1.03-CNG
    CC-Cap: 000-000-000
    Carrier DB: 292
    Hardware: A

    Are any of you with the Gibberish problem converts from the AT&T merger?
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    Yes I get it every once in a while when my phone drops in and out of service. I have seen other posts about it too. I am waiting till it gets worse or till more information comes out about it before I do anything. It's kinda annoying. Does anyone know of a program that will allow you to soft reset your treo so I don't have to pull off the battery covers everytime this happens. Thanks!
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    There is a thread with more information already started here...

    My problem was bad on two phones...replacing the SIMs (Cingular at no cost) and doing a hard reset at the time of SIM replacement worked for me. I have been gibberish free for almost two weeks now on both phones.

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    Here is a scan of my SIM card. I am NOT having any problems with gibberish or garbled text on my 680, but two other 680s from the same store, bought at the same time DO have the problem:

    I am SO convinced it's the SIM causing the problem...
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    Well, I'm not convinced the gibberish issue and the loss of signal issue are really the same thing. I have a 64K SIM as pictured -- have had it since I got my 650 and ENS became an issue -- and I am still having some situations where signal just goes *poof*. This happened just this morning (between 5am and 9am). A cycle of the radio resolved it... but it was still damned annoying.

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