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    I played with a Treo 680 at the Palm store the other day. Pretty impressive - depending on how the reliability looks, I may even upgrade from my 650 (thoughts from people who have done the same...?)

    One of the things that excited me was that the 680 had a Voice Recorder and I tried it and the sound quality was quite good. This is in contrast to my 650 which came with no voice recorder app, though I downloaded a few, but I still get really harsh and noisy sound quality.

    I am wondering if the VoiceRec app from the Treo 680 can run on the 650?
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    Yes, it works. I tried myself and works pretty well.

    Just need to Copy/install the following files.

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    hey were can we get those files from
    It's Simple really..........
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    These are from the 700p (dont know if they are the same as the 680, but it works well for me) I can even start recording by pressing the side button
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