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    So, I got my Palm Pro Hybrid headphones in the mail, installed Freedom (for headset control) and listened to music and answered some calls. I used this setup for 5 hours.
    Treo was in my pocket BTW.

    I removed my headset from the Treo after work. Noticed I had some voicemails and proceed to press 1 to listen to my VMs. The first time, I noticed no sound coming out of the handset. The Speakerphone icon wasn't even on the screen. They only way to get sound was to plug in a headset. Meaning I was not able to use my 680 as a normal phone. I had to have a wired headset plugged in.

    So I did a soft reset, dialed VM again and nothin........ What the heck?
    So I did a soft reset, then a hard reset, restored everything. Nothin!? Did I break the Treo by using the headphone jack? Was it because I installed Freedom? I don't know.

    I planned on callin Palm when I got home, but first I did a hotsync to backup all my data.

    After the hotsync....... MY SPEAKERPHONE, MIC....everything WORKS. My phone shows no signs of issues. I've even used my Shure headphones and have noticed no problems at all.
    I don't understand what happened.
    Anyone have a similar experience with the 680's phone functions only working with a wired headset?
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    Wanted to bump this up because the same exact thing happened to me - though the Hotsync didn't fix things and my speakerphone and sound still do not work.

    Any ideas as to what the problem is? I've even tried plugging and unplugging headphones to see if that works, and so far no luck.

    Edited to add that it did come back to work, though not sure what I did to fix it (if anything).

    I've seen a lot of posts that talk about the potentially faulty earphone jack - a bit disconcerting if you ask me that there could be such a problem with the phone that could 'disable' it like that.

    And I haven't even owned the phone for a month yet!
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    DurtyD, do you use Freedom?

    Enabled settings within Freedom that you may be unaware of can sometimes cause this situation... at least it looks like that may have been what happened to smileyboy?

    Under Headset and Ear Bud Setup in Freedom there are some Manual Audio Output options that work whether or not the Enable redirect to headset checkbox is selected or not.
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    Were you using the Palm headset? This is the third thread about sound problems that I've read, that mentions problems after using the Palm headset...
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    I don't think it's the Palm Headset. I use it all the time now in place of my old earphones because they seem to work better--better volume perhaps because of a better impedance match. Although one funny thing does happen reliably: if I get or make a phone call, it becomes mono (naturally), but REMAINS mono after the phone call ends, even if I am using stereo apps like PTunes--unless I pull out the plug and put it back in. Strange but consistently replicable.
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    In my case I do not use Freedom, or have any other 3rd party applications loaded on my Treo.

    My phone was charging, I received a call, and went to answer it and remove the charger from the phone. I wonder if that combination caused something to happen.

    When playing around with the headphone jack (inserting it and removing it to try and see if it did anything), I noticed that on a call on one occasion or another removing the jack caused the phone to hang up. So I definitely think there is some faulty circuitry in the bottom of the phone.
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    discusses issues with the 2.5mm headset jack dating back to the 650

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