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    I have a question that might sound stupid but I have had trouble answering or solving it myself. I have Windows XP, and I have Microsoft Office 2003. Although Office 2003 comes with Outlook 2003, I use Outlook Express as my email client, rather than regular Outlook, as I am just used to Express and prefer its setup and ease of use. Now I have tried synching my 700p but it only wants to pull info from Outlook 2003 from Office, and I can't seem to get my contacts and stuff from Express. Do I have to make Outlook 2003 my default email client and stop using Express in order to properly synch with my phone or is there a way for me to synch up to Outlook Express. Thank you very much for any help or suggestions.
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    Maybe someone has a good way to make it happen (700p-Express), but my suggestion would be to "upgrade" to Outlook to do the sync. Most of the sync software, both Palm's and 3rd party apps use Outlook but not Express.

    FYI, The only problem I have with Outlook and my 700p is that, sometimes, when using the Outlook Conduit that comes free when installing the software for the 700p the databases would get "corrupted" and my calendar data gets copied several times, i.e. one meeting will have 3 instances in both calendars (700's and PC). It happens once every 50 or so synchronizations.

    When I had my 600 I used Chapura's Pocket Mirror and it was rock solid. I have not yet decided whether to buy the newest Pocket Mirror for the 700p, but I am this close to do it given the database corruption problem.
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    I have almost convinced myself to bury my aging Treo 600 and upgrade for all the obvious reasons. My big holdup is that I use ACT! now with 1400 contacts and don't know what to do in the future. Sage is dropping support for the older versions of ACT! and the new versions are HUGE!! It took almost 50 sec to load on a new P4 desktop! Anyway, in my search for a replacement I am thinking about using Outlook 2003 on my desktop. I just need to know more about how it functions compared to ACT! and what it will and won't do. I have found a program from DataViz called Beyond Contacts which is supposed to mirror Outlook on your POS. Now the only question that remains is exactly what will Outlook do? Check Beyond Contacts at

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